Rental Tips for Tenants

  • Once you find a rental property that interests you, fill out a Pre-qualifying form to be invited to a one on one viewing of the property; then if you wish to apply for the property, remember, the more updated & thorough information you provide our office, will enable a speedier processing time. A good idea to include with your documentation, is a cover letter letting us and the landlord know who you are;
  • Know your affordability budget for a rental property ie. work on 40% of your total weekly income as a guide;
  • Tenants are obligated to pay rent consistently on time & must advise the office should there be any issues affecting their ability to meet this obligation;
  • Tenants require the landlords/agents permission in writing to keep ANY pet at the premises;
  • Once you are a tenant, Routine Inspections are carried out at scheduled intervals using an iPad, that will include photo taking. Inspections are mandatory & you will be provided with 14 days’ notice of the upcoming inspection, along with a checklist prior to the inspection, to ensure the property meets our guidelines & to note any general maintenance required;
  • It is a good idea for a tenant to take out their own contents insurance, as a landlord’s insurance policy does not cover a tenants belongings should they be damaged or stolen;
  • It is a good idea for a tenant to ensure that rooms are adequately ventilated regularly – a good air flow will help prevent mould growth & maintain air quality;
  • Remember, a tenant (or their visitors) must not create a disturbance to neighbours that will interfere with their quiet enjoyment, as a breach notice may be issued to a tenant if formal complaints are received;
  • Smoke Alarms are not to be tampered with, nor are the batteries to be removed by tenants. If you have any issues with them, please advise our office immediately to have attended, as smoke alarms must be in working condition at all times;
  • Showers – ensure that you clean them regularly, use the exhaust fan & after a shower, partially open the shower door to dry out properly to help prevent mould growth;
  • When a tenant wishes to vacate the property, they can provide the following notice:
  1. 14 Days written notice to the agent prior to their fixed term lease expiring;
  2. 21 Days written notice to the agent if they are on a periodic/continuing tenancy;
  3. Breaking a Lease during a fixed term lease by a tenant is possible with penalties ie. 1 – 4 weeks rent fee being due, depending upon where the tenant is in their fixed term lease period, when they wish to vacate;
  • Should a rental property be placed on the market for sale during your tenancy, you are obligated to allow the salesperson a minimum of 2 inspections per week – the salesperson shall discuss the sales process & inspection date & times with you;
  • All Repairs are to be reported in writing to our office (use our Repair online form) unless Urgent & then a phone call in the first instance shall suffice.  

NB:  An Urgent Repair is defined by Fair Trading NSW as the following:

  • Burst Water Pipe or serious water leak  OR  No Hot Water;
  • A blocked or broken toilet;
  • A serious roof leak;
  • A gas leak  OR  Electrical fault  OR  failure of water supply to the property;
  • Flooding or serious flood damage;
  • A failure or breakdown of the stove or oven;
  • A failure or breakdown of a heater or air conditioner;
  • A fault or damage which makes the property unsafe or insecure;
  • and Smoke Alarms must be fitted & in working condition;

NB: For Emergencies OUTSIDE OF OFFICE HOURS, please see below tradespeople that may be called:

Electrician: Ceassa - 4981 3530

Plumber: Chris Edwards of Monin Edwards - 4981 2288 / 0429 812 284

Locksmith: Daniel of Nelson Bay Locksmith - 4981 3428