Rental Owner FAQ's

1) Can I charge my Tenant water usage:

Yes, if:

  • Property is separately metred;
  • Water efficient – compliance checked at the start of each new tenancy;
  • If you receive a Water Rates notice issued by Hunter Water for the property;


2) How many Inspections do you conduct a year:

  • An Ingoing Condition Report prior to a new tenancy;
  • An Initial Routine Inspection after 8 weeks of lease commencing;
  • Then each 5 month interval;
  • A Vacating Inspection when keys are returned by tenant at end of tenancy;


3) How much rent can I get for my investment property?:

Rent is determined by a number of factors, including location, type of rental property, presentation, accommodation, garaging, living areas, market demands & comparable rentals in the current market;


4) What are your Fees?:

At Port Stephens Rentals, we don’t believe in charging extra ongoing fees to our landlords, but do believe in the old adage: “you get what you pay for”; we operate on a transparent, no hidden fee structure, so call now to further discuss & see how we can assist you with your investment property;


5) Can you pay associated Rental Bills on my behalf:

Yes, we can arrange for your bills to be forwarded to our office to pay them from the rental income on your behalf ie Council rates, Water rates, Strata Levies & Invoices; these shall then appear on your monthly rent Statement as a record for your tax purposes and assists the accountant at the End of the Financial Year.


6) When will I receive my rent money?:

Port Stephens Rentals has the capability of transferring your rent weekly, fortnightly or monthly – whatever works best for you;


7) How long will it take to commence advertising & inspections?

Once a Management Agreement has been signed appointing our agency as the managing agent, we can have the property loaded onto our advertising system/portals within 48 hours, enabling time for 10 quality photos of the property being obtained to utilise;


8) How do you determine a tenant is suitable for a property?

By pre-qualifying the interested party, including their affordability, speaking with a prospective tenant, conducting one on one inspections & seeing how they conduct
themselves ie. do they remove their shoes before entering the property; have them fill out an application form and check their references – both rental & employment & check the prospective tenant is not listed on a tenancy default database. This information is then submitted/discussed with you for your final decision.

Our philosophy on tenant selection is simple: ‘better a vacant property than a bad tenant in your property’;


9) What if I decide to Sell my property?:

Should you decide to sell your investment property during a tenancy, as we already have a relationship with your tenant, we shall ensure that they are well informed & that their & your rights are adhered to. We can assist you by introducing you to a selection of our preferred selling agents that we like and trust to market your property.

We would see the tenancy to its conclusion - to either vacating of the tenant, or through the sales process until settlement.


10) Can I Change Property Managers to Port Stephens Rentals!

Switching your property manager to Port Stephens Rentals is easy & you can do this at any stage of a tenants lease – simply contact our office and we shall handle the whole process for you….